Flooring Specialists

We think shopping for flooring in Perth should be a positive experience. This is why we’ve established Rugs and Flooring Gallery. We’re a Perth based specialist flooring shop with a huge range of flooring solutions and something to suit every budget. And for customers who can’t get to our Midland flooring showroom, we’ve launched our online e-store, so they can also browse our range from the comfort of your home.

Solid wood or engineered timber floor boards?

Timber is a sustainable natural flooring material that has been enhancing homes for hundreds of years.  It’s hard wearing, easy to care for and designed to last a life time.  Each timber floor board has its own individual pattern that is formed by Mother Nature.  The natural knots and grains merge to create a masterpiece when installed in a larger space.

Engineered timber flooring also known as floating floors offers the best possible alternative to solid timber flooring.  It’s durable, low maintenance and precisely manufactured to create look that’s hard to distinguish from a solid timber floor. Engineered timber floorboards are pre-finished, making them quick and easy to install.

Other options:

Laminate flooring is a hard wearing, practical option for people who love the look of timber flooring but are working to a tighter budget.  Quick and easy to install, laminate flooring is comfortable under foot and works well in high traffic areas like kitchens and family rooms.

Vinyl flooring has evolved! Over the years boring old vinyl has transformed into a versatile and easy to clean flooring material that feels as good as it looks.  Practical and affordable vinyl flooring can replicate distressed or whitewashed timber, stone, marble or tiles.

Bamboo flooring is one of Mother Nature’s wonders. When grown in its natural environment Bamboo needs no irrigation or fertiliser, and because it’s naturally resistant, pesticides are not required. Bamboo is a sustainable alternative to a hardwood timber floor as well as an eco-friendly, highly renewable, resource.

Carpet comes in a huge variety of styles, textures, fabrics and colours.  From hard wearing, stain resisting, modern synthetics to luxurious traditional wool, carpet is an ideal base which adds warmth and comfort to any home.

Rugs now come in every shape, size and design. There’s nothing better to add a pop of colour, texture or seasonal change to any room.  Rugs can soften the appearance of hardwood flooring, define zones in an open plan space and introduce a design element to every home.

For the best advice from an experienced flooring installation specialist, contact Rug and Flooring Gallery on +61 8 9374 0315.