Carpet & Flooring Installation in Perth

In life, there are some things that you just shouldn’t DIY.  Carpet installation, and fitting timber or laminate flooring are a few of them.  Having your flooring professionally installed gives a high end finish and because a skilled fitter has the tools, experience and a wealth of knowledge, the cost is a worthwhile investment.


Rooms come in all shapes and sizes and a well fitted carpet can enhance any space. Depending on the construction or type of carpet you have chosen, you’ll need:

  • carpet tape or gripper rod around the parameter to secure the carpet;
  • a quality underlay for comfort and to prolong the life of your carpet;
  • door-bars or strips to neaten the edges between different types of flooring.

Carpet usually comes in a maximum width of 4 metres.  An experienced carpet fitter can pattern match and join pieces of carpet together seamlessly to form an imperceptible joint in large or open plan areas. They can also stretch and tightly fit the carpet which will extend the life of the carpet.


When you need a floor covering that is as ‘tough as teak’ but also water resistant and built cope with high traffic or kids and pets, Laminate flooring is an affordable and durable solution.  We recommend that you use a laminate flooring installation professional to fit your laminate flooring.  An experienced fitter will cut the boards to fit, and ensure the joints are invisible and properly edged.  Having your flooring installed by a professional ensures it looks its best and won’t move or buckle.


Timber flooring is timeless and is designed to last a lifetime.  Whether you’ve chosen solid or engineered timber flooring, the installation will affect how the floor looks and performs. An experienced flooring contractor will measure, cut and precision fit the boards, this ensures that the timber flooring is installed to the highest standard.


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