Luxury Vinyl Flooring Perth

Once the domain of 1960’s fashionista’s, vinyl flooring is a product that has truly come of age. Technology has changed the design aesthetics of the once hard and brittle vinyl tile, and it’s been transformed it into a durable and attractive luxury flooring product that is designed for both domestic and commercial applications.

Manufacturers have adopted advanced photographic techniques, and luxury vinyl flooring can now replicate the look of timber or stone. Combine this with its hard wearing properties and you have a product that is:

  • waterproof and can stand up to the rigor of pets and kids or high traffic;
  • easy to clean and maintain,
  • comfortable underfoot and attractive to look at;
  • tough enough to withstand the demands of busy family life;
  • hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly (perfect if you have allergies); and
  • ideal for retail, offices, showrooms and commercial installations.

Our flooring specialists recommend vinyl as an optimal flooring choice for Perth families wanting a hard wearing, low maintenance flooring solution. No more stressing over food on the carpet! Whether it’s the look of distressed, whitewashed or classic timber, stone, dark marble effect or just a plain tile option, the range is so diverse there’s something to suit every room plan, style or design.

Commercial vinyl flooring is so popular because of its durability, high moisture resistance and low maintenance requirements.  It’s resistant to scratches and stains and retains its good looks with a minimum of fuss.

The great news is there’s no need to use harsh chemical cleaners to keep it looking good. We recommend that you sweep or vacuum it regularly, wipe up spills right away and clean the dirt that the broom or vacuum can’t move with a mop dampened with warm (not hot) water.  Add a splash of vinegar the water and your vinyl floors will be sparking in no time with no soapy residue.

To see our full range of vinyl flooring and speak to an expert about having it installed in your home, drop into the showroom or visit our e-store.