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How to choose the right carpet

Picture of a stylish dark couch on thick grey carpet.

Building a new home or renovating an older property? One of the final touches is choosing and installing the flooring and nothing says style and comfort like a beautifully fitted carpet – but with so much choice, how do you know what to choose? Here are our top tips.

First things first

Talk to a Flooring Specialist. They will talk you through the decision making process.  Expect to be asked about things like lifestyle, if you have kids or pets, your personal taste and the style of your home and furniture.  Once they’ve established the basics they can provide advice on the most appropriate style and construction of the carpet and importantly, calculate how many linear meters of carpet you will need to complete the project.

Tip:  Accurate floor plans will assist the flooring specialist to assess traffic flow and calculate the volume of carpet and where carpets can be cut and joined. Make sure you’ve got them ready when you head in to your chosen carpet store.

Understanding carpet

In Australia, carpets are usually woven or tufted and come in a variety of qualities and standards. From hard wearing, stain resisting, modern synthetics to luxurious traditional wool, carpet adds warmth and comfort to any home.

Woven carpets are manufactured in a traditional method on a loom. Patterns and colours are woven into the carpet which creates a premium finish.  Generally considered to be a higher quality product than its tufted cousin, they’re made either in pure wool or a blend of wool and man made fibres, normally 80% wool, 20% synthetic.

Tufted carpets are probably the most popular carpets, they span a range of qualities and are made using pure wool, wool and man made fibre blends, or synthetic yarns.  Cut pile, Berber or plush, these carpets offer great value for money.

Tip: Carpets have to conform to Australian standards, select a carpet that has an ‘extra heavy duty grade’ residential rating.  If you’re carpeting stairs, make sure it has a stairs rating or the backing will show through.

Understand Colour and Quality

Lighter colours create an illusion of space, choose darker colours for a cosy intimate atmosphere. Visually having one carpet throughout creates a seamless flow between rooms and avoids the breaking up the space with different colours. Many people choose a neutral carpet as a base and add spots of colour or texture with rugs and soft furnishings.

Quality is important because it impacts on how the carpet looks and wears for its lifetime. Often available in the same style and pattern but in different grades, maintain uniformity by choosing a lighter grade for low traffic areas like bedrooms.

Tip: Carpet may appear lighter once installed. Ask to borrow oversized samples and place in the intended location in daylight to get an accurate idea, consider a shade slightly deeper than you planned.

Understand how your carpet will wear

The old saying that you get what you pay for is especially true with carpeting.  A cheaply made carpet will shed fibres, fade, track foot marks, and are prone to stretching especially when they are steam cleaned.

Investing in good quality carpets makes good sense.  Quality carpets will keep their good looks for years to come, and overall are cheaper and less hassle than replacing a cheap carpet after a couple of years.

Tip: Extend the life of your carpet with regular vacuuming, treat spot stains when they happen and have them professionally cleaned once a year.

Need to talk turkey?

Our carpet specialists have years of experience and are happy to talk you through the options.  Call into the Midland carpet and flooring store or phone 08 93740315